How would you like to warm your life? 

Omni Heat is a new company with a lot of experience in heating. We have installed over 60 pellet boilers from three different manufacturers, over 100 gas boilers, 100 heat pump water heaters... the list goes on. We use the latest technology in system design, controls and fittings to get most heat out of every dollar spent on fuel and consume the least energy, so that our customers are assured that their systems are going to work efficiently for years to come.


We are certified to install Maine Energy Systems (MESYS) AutoPellet heating appliances in Maine. The AutoPellet is designed in Austria, where standards are exacting. In our experience, the AutoPellet is the best designed pellet system on the market, with a wide variety of boiler sizes and styles to meet any need. MESYS has a product that will suit all residential and light commercial needs cost-effectively and reliably, combining low emissions, low energy consumption, minimal intervention, and a long warranty. In particular, the MESYS equipment for pellet transport make storage possibilities much wider than any other manufacturer.


While we emphasize pellet heat, we also install wall-hung gas boilers, hydronic wood stoves, heat pump water heaters, and ductless heat pumps. To make sure the heat is not only produced efficiently but going to where it's needed, we install panel radiators, perform radiator conversions and radiant heat. Finally, adding a Nest or Honeywell Lyric thermostat will provide smart, connected control of your system.


If you have rental property, installing advanced building hydronic controls, such as the Honeywell AQ line for multi-units, are a great investment and we can take care of that, too. We are licensed to do residential electrical work as well, including lighting, panel upgrades and generators.

Omni Heat is a qualified Efficiency Maine partner. Many of our customers have received rebates for the equipment we've installed, further lowering the cost of owning the latest energy efficient appliances. We cover an area within 75 miles of Portland, Maine. We are licensed and insured.